Rocky Mountain Bride: Montana Man Makeover


What makes a mountain man? Is it their likeliness to have
facial hair and a scruffy do, or the constant smell of campfire
that lingers with them around town? Have you ever gone to a
wedding and seen the “mountain man?” Here at RMB, we
understand that you want your mountain man to look his absolute
best during your special day. We are here to help and to show
you that your mountain man can remain himself but impress the
rest with his sharp style, good looks, and even better attitude
with just a little help from our friends.

Bozeman, Montana – a popular destination for a mountain man,
located in the western Rocky Mountains is known for Yellowstone
National Park, Hot Springs, mountains ranges, rivers, fishing, and

Hours were spent in waders and water up to your waist with
Tom Melvin, Bozeman local and fly-fishing guide for world-renowned
Yellow Dog Fly Fishing. Tom was ready for a day
with the Rocky Mountain Bride make-over team. Warming up
slowly, Cali Frankovic captured the perfect images of Tom in
his element, at one with nature, fishing the Madison River, just
outside of Bozeman. With his southern charm, the ladies are
going to be taking a second look after this transition.

Tom went from luscious locks to a shorter British-styled haircut
thanks to the The Loft Spa in downtown Bozeman. It was time
to trade in the waders for a black classic tuxedo from local shop,
After 5 and Weddings. Dressed to impress, we headed to The
Baxter Hotel and Bacchus Pub located in Bozeman’s downtown
historic district – open since 1929. Cali was able to capture the
elegant, sophisticated side of Tom, however, he will always
remain a true mountain man at heart.

Style Credit
Photographer: Cali Frankovic |
Fly Fishing: Yellow Dog Fly Fishing |
Clothing: After 5 & Weddings, Bozeman |
Hair & Shave: The Loft Spa, Anna |
Location: The Baxter Hotel & Baccus Pub | Bozeman, MT
Boutonnière: Hand-tied by Tom Melvin
Production Assistants: Megan Erickson & Emily Steingart