Wedding Vendor Collaboration

Wedding Vendor Collaboration

As you all know, Bozeman is growing. The allure of our mountain town is drawing new tourists, adventure seekers, families, and visitors alike, looking to call Montana home.

These people are all drawn here for good reason as Bozeman is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in the Rocky Mountain West. With this new found popularity, we can’t help but get excited as it’s also becoming quite the hotspot for weddings and special events. Bozeman not only has the incredible scenery and outdoor access that draws people in, but a strong coalition of friends, families and businesses that support it.

As local professionals in the wedding, event and creative industry, it’s our job to make sure people fall in love with not only their experience in Bozeman, but the community behind it all as well. That’s why we believe there is a definite need for partnership and collaboration amongst us as our (once small) Montana town continues to cultivate and grow.

As some of you have heard, we have decided to start a new event for the Bozeman wedding community called The Wedding Series. These sessions will happen once a month where we bring in one area professional to chat to an intimate group of bride-to-be’s about topics that are real, relatable and worthwhile.

We began this event with not only the hope of building on relationships, both new and old, but bringing innovative ideas and creative individuals together to grow alongside one another. We want to turn it into something more meaningful for brides, vendors and all those involved, in as simple and stress-free manner as possible. We want to get your opinions, hear your ideas and turn this event into something unique.

If you are interested in being one of the featured vendors for The Wedding Series or simply just sharing your thoughts and ideas with us for something completely new, we would love to hear about it! We want to grow along with every other business in town, and that would not be possible without the Bozeman and surrounding communities.

Know someone who would be interested in seeing this message? Please! Forward this along as we would love to connect and chat.

Here’s to an incredible and collaborative 2017!
The Baxter Events Team

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